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Subject Matter
Please choose according to the subject matter of the documents
  • If your documents are for general business purposes, please select Professional. Examples include: user manuals, help files, company introduction, brochures, leaflets, product literature, data sheets, financial statements, and news releases.
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  • If your documents contain any specialist phrases or technical terminology and require translation by subject matter experts, please select Specialist. Examples include: legal documents, technical manuals, marketing materials, medical papers, patent application, text without context (e.g. software resource strings).
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  • Only Word (doc, docx), Excel (xls, xlsx), Powerpoint (ppt, pptx), Rich Text(rtf), Plain Text(txt) and editable or searchable PDF are supported, and word count will be automatically conducted. Please contact our customer service for other formats.
  • Each file must be less than 20Mb and up to ten files are supported for one order.
  • If you want to remove any file, please click the red "" next to the file name.
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Additional Services

  • Your translation will be emailed to you in the same format as the source document.
  • If needed, we can certify the translation (accompanied with a statement signed by a sworn linguist accompanied with our seal) at no additional cost to you.
  • If you need notarization, please check this selection. You will need to pay the notarization fee.
  • We charge $30.00 per copy for notarization. For example: if you need to notarize two documents separately, one notarization for two copies and a separate notarization for another copy, please fill in a total of THREE copies above.
  • Please note that orders may take an additional 1-2 days for notarization purposes.

  • Please enter the address and the postal code required for shipping the translation or invoice printed.
  • Within the U.S., excludes AK, HI & PR. Please note that orders may take an additional 1-2 days to ship.
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